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Jesco Products Pinhigh Direct Lapping Compound for Sharpening Reel Mowers


Clingability Plus
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Pinhigh lapping compound's
exclusive formulation  provides the balance of cling and clean you require time after time.

LAPPING TIPS: Once you've finished grinding your reel blades, some authorities recommend back lappng them.

How do you know when to back lap your mower's reels? Look for the following conditions; 

  • Mowed grass looks uneven. This is a result of severely rounded reel blade and bedknife edges.
  • Mowing leaves streaks of uncut grass. This condition results when one or more reel blades are bent, leaving too much clearance between the reel and the bedknife. It also can result from reel blades or bedknives that are severely or unevenly worn.
  • Mowed areas are higher at one end of the cut than the other. This condition results from a con-shaped reel.

To minimize cost and labor and to maximize machine life, then, you should back lap a machine with slightly dull reels. When back lapping doesn't work and give you the correct cut, it indicates you may have more severe problems that may require further maintenance.

With back lapping, you coat the cutting surfaces with a lapping compound, which resembles a mix of sand and grease. Some mowers offer back-lapping kits that allow you to back lap while the cutting units are mounted on the mower. 

Others require you to use a back lapping machine. Your owner's manual can instruct you on how to properly attach your reel to the back lapping machine. But before you do so, make sure you have a precise reel-to-bedknife adjustment with light contact.

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