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jesco products offers only TOP quality, straight graded silicon carbide grit for consistent results time after time.


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Our Lapidary Products include:

Silicon Carbide, Abrasive Grit, Cerium Oxide for Polishing, Plastic Pellets for Tumbling and Graded Silicon Carbide.

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You deserve the best TOP quality, straight graded silicon carbide grit.

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Silicon Carbide, 1

Rock Tumbling Grit Trio:


Straight Graded Silicon Carbide
1 lb each of our most popular grit sizes:
80 (coarse), 220 (medium), 600 (fine/pre-polish)


Grits Include:

80 Grit Silicon Carbide


220 Grit Silicon Carbide



600 Grit Silicon Carbide
(Fine or pre-polish)


Silicon Carbide, 2

$10.00 Minimum Order

Order by weight:
1 LB, 5LB, or
10 LB Super Saver




Graded Silicon Carbide for Lapidary Tumbling:

60, 80, 180,
220, 600, 1200*




Straight Graded Silicon Carbide 
80 Grit, 220 Grit, and
600 Grit,
Premium Quality Cerium Oxide Polish,
Plastic Pellet Filler

Kit contains enough grit and polish
to polish 8 - 10 lbs of rocks.

Includes basic instructions for 4 step tumbling