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Jesco Dental's Waxes are used in both dental labs and and dentist offices.


Soft, pliable, tacky waxes that can be used for boxing alginates & hydrocolloids & building up impression trays.

These will adhere to most any material & can be used for post damming & boxing.

  • Large Utility Wax StripsRed & White - 75/box, 3/16 in - 4.759 mm diam/11in. - 279 mm long
  • Small Utility Wax Strips: Red & White - 114/box, 1/16 in - 1.587 mm diam. / 11 in./ - 279 mm long

Pliable waxes that do not need heating, yet are easy to work with & are strong, tough. 

The extra thin wax is designed to reduce the possibility of distorting the peripheral roll when boxing an alginate or hydrocolloid impression.

Regular Boxing Wax: 
1 lb - 453 g., 1/16 in - 1.586 mm thick, 1 1/2 in - 3.805 mm wide, 11 in. - 279 mm long.

jesco 2000 Base Plate Wax is strong, extremely tough base plate wax. 

It is hard, not brittle, & handles the way you would expect an excellent quality wax to handle. 

It does not crumble, holds teeth securely, carves without chipping & takes a high, brilliant polish.

All Base Plate Waxes: 3 in. x 6 in x .060 thick

  • jesco 2000 Base Plate Wax: 1 lb or 5 lb Box
  • jesco 2000 Extra Hard: 1 lb. or 5 lb Box

jesco 3000 Base Plate Wax is a softer wax, but has a high melting range. 

It is strong, tough, very accurate & dependable. 

It does not crumble or chip, takes a high polish, & holds teeth securely.

1 lb. or 5 lb. box

jesco Economy I Base Plate Wax - Medium Soft

This is a dependable base plate wax with the ability to do what waxes that cost much more do. 

Formulated with lower melting waxes. 

5 lb. box

jesco Economy II Base Plate Wax - Medium hard

This is a dependable base plate wax. 

Use where economy is important but quality necessary. 

Formulated with higher melting waxes. 

5 lb. box

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