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Jesco Dental Provides Dental Labs with  Extremely hard die stone with long flowing time.

for inlay dies by:

  • The Indirect Method,
  • Fixed bridge work,
  • Master & study models.

Considered the "work horse of Die Stones", TECHNADIE has been in the jesco dental lab line of products for over a decade. TECHNADIE is the classic Die stone that's easy to handle, with low expansion and long flowing times. Dental labs love it.

Final compression strength of 16,000 lbs. psi, there is no need to use any liquid hardeners.

TECHNADIE is manufactured from natural gympsum and is a tried and true staple of any lab.

Finest quality Die Stone.

Available in 5 colors:

Blue, Green, Pink, Cream, & X-tra Blue

Buy in packages of: 25 lbs or 50 lbs, larger amounts available

"When hard isn't hard enough..."



TECHNADIE-XH is a resin-enhanced natural gypsum product

for dental labs

when you need the hardest die stone.

If you're looking for a Die Stone with:

    • Smooth, easy, chip-free trimming,
    • Incredible strength, and
    • The lowest expansion rate in the industry,

Look no further!

With an 18,000 lbs. psi final set and excellent flow characteristics, TECHNADIE-XH is a natural gypsum product (NOT a synthetic plaster) that is unsurpassed in quality and hardness.

With TECHNADIE-XH there is no need for gympsum hardeners and when used as part of jesco's COMPLETE SYSTEM, you'll get flawless results time after time.

Is TECHNADIE-XH right for your needs? Check it out:

  • Thixotropic qualities allow it to flow smoothly, yet it can be stacked.
  • Has a long shelf life compared to synthetic gypsum products.
  • Natural gypsum - no problems with quality
  • Compatible with many types of impression materials on the market today.
  • Can be used in any application where quality die stone is needed.
  • Excellent for "tiny preps," such as incisors
  • Requires no gypsum hardeners.

Available in Green, Blue, & Tan

By the 25 lb. box, larger amounts available.



Hard die stone with long flowing time. 

For inlay dies, fixed bridge work, master & study models for dental labs.


For Dentists while patient is in the dental chair:


Very fast setting pink die stone

Low expansion

Used to make a model of the mouth while patient is  still in the chair.

Can be removed from the mold in five minutes.

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