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NEW! For DentISTS! Sterilized, Sterile Packed Diamond BUR Singles

The following diagram shows you the Singles by Meisinger that are available for your dentist and dental lab supplies.

    • These are each sterilized and sterile packed.
    • We've included the color coded legend with the chart.
    • This makes things SO very much more easy and convenient.
    • Includes US-Nr Super Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine, and Extra-Fine
    • With Many Types of Diamond Singles Including:
      • Round, Inverted Cone, Long Inverted Cone, Diabolo / Hourglass, Pear
      • Double Cone, Wheel, Interproximal, Bud / Pointed Football, Egg / Football
      • Depth Cutter
      • Cylinder, Cylinder Round End, Dylinder Round edge, Cylinder - End Cutting Only, Cylinder Pointed
      • Tapered Flat End, Tapered Round Edge, Taper Round End, Tapered Point / Needle
      • Flame, Torpedo, Torpedo Tapered, Spiral Diamonds Tapered w Round End, Bud Pointed Football
      • Tapered Point Needle, flame, and CE Damonds Cylinder Tapered
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Diamond Singles
Meiinger Diamond Singles
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