Pinhigh Lapping Compound for Reel Mowers

Pinhigh Lapping Compound:

The perfect way to sharpen Reel Mowers!

Keep that edge with pinhigh For over 25 years Pinhigh has helped golf courses around the world...
keep that edge
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  • Completely premixed and ready to use pinhigh saves time -- eliminates waste!
  • Formulated with quality minerals and water soluble gel
  • Provides Clingability with Cleanablity -- easy water rinse off
  • Non-toxic -- EPA lab tested
  • Packaged in wide mouth, resealable plastic containers
  • Available in all popular grit sizes from 50 to 220

No Dies - No Gimmicks - No Tricks

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For Homeowners:


Pinhigh lapping compound comes in convenient 1 lb. and 5 lb. packages. Click here for Pinhigh for Homeowners.


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